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Anonymous Apple:

Moist apple cake, infused
with fresh apples and topped
with a gooey glaze.

It might just blow your cover.

Coconut Conspiracy:

This airy cupcake has an
assertive coconut flavor that
finishes with a surprise. Topped
with a decadent coconut cream

It's a real conspiracy of flavor.

Chocoholic's Demise (a.k.a. Kahlua):

Chocolate cake drenched in
chocolate liqueur with a chocolate
cream filling, topped with whipped
cream and toffee crunch.

Take one bite and there's no
turning back.

Lemon Lookout:

Lemon cake with a zing of lemon zest,
topped with lemon-cream cheese icing.

Keep your eyes peeled or these will
come up missing.

Pistachio Paranoia:

A fluffy pistachio cake with a light
pistachio whipped cream topping.

We're afraid to tell you the rest.

Poppyseed Pursuit:

Delicate white cake with poppy
seeds, topped off with a smooth
cream cheese frosting.

You'll want to chase it down with another.

Crimson Caper (Red Velvet):

A mysterious red velvet cake
smothered with cream cheese

Don't get caught red-handed!

Strawberry Secrets:

Fresh strawberry cake with
fresh strawberry icing.

The rest is classified.

Lemon - Blueberry Briefing:

Lemon meets Blueberry.

Mascarpone gets in the middle.

Covert Chile' Chocolate:

You'll think you've decoded
a Mexican communique' after
one bite of this cupcake.

Finishes with an underlying,
but undeniable hint of Chile'.

Rasberry Rogue:

This cupcake has gone rogue.

With fresh rasberries, rasberry
liquer, and rasberry preserves
all tastefully infused throughout,
this rogue is a triple threat to your
taste buds.

Agent Crunch:

When you're in a pinch, you can
count on Agent Crunch to deliver...
Chocolate, that is.

Chocolate Crunch bar staked-out
in the center of chocolate cream frosting
and perched atop moist chocolate cake.

Red Wine Rendezvous:

This cupcake smacks of a "serendipitous"
meeting in the vineyard...come with your
headlights off and make sure you're
not shadowed.

This is a chocolate cupcake infused with
a Red Wine and Red Wine Jelly. Make the won't regret it.

Mystery Orders:

We're always up to a
culinary challenge.

Tell us your idea
and we'll make it